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How to Get Water Out of the Basement

Flooding basements are never a fun time. Whether a burst pipe has created a bit of a flooding event in your home or heavy rains have brought flood waters to your doors, water damage can ruin more than just your day.

You might be wondering what steps to even take to address things. How do you get the water out of your basement—bucketing will only go so far—and how do you assess and deal with the damage to your personal property? Here are a few pointers and insider tips to help guide you through a basement flooding event.

Firstly, Make Sure to Cut the Electricity

How to Get Water Out of the Basement

The very first thing that you need to do is cut the power to your basement. Electricity and water do not mix. Worrying about the risks of electrocution when any part of your home is flooded is reasonable. Water is a conductor of electricity, so the chances of getting shocked are elevated.

For this reason, it is super important to make sure you immediately cut the power to your basement when it has flooded. Ideally, you will be able to access your fuse box without having to get into any standing water. 

Get Water Out of Your Basement Fast

Water in the basement means there will be some degree of damage. You will want to figure out how to get the water out of the basement as quickly as possible. To efficiently remove the standing water in your basement, you will need the right tools for the job.

While buckets and mops are a slower alternative and may be impractical depending on the amount of water you are trying to remove. Wet vacuums and sump/pool pumps will be the fastest way to address the issue. You will also want to remove any furniture or other times submerged in the standing water to prevent more damage to your belongings.

Hire a Professional to Deal with Water Removal

If you do not have access to the proper tools to address your basement flood promptly, you will want to find professionals who can handle things quickly. Disaster remediation and packout specialists are the experts that you will want to contact.

These companies specialize in responding to events like residential flooding. A good remediation company will offer additional services including packing out and assessing damaged items, and can even help salvage things by addressing water damage.Coventry Services is a 24-hour emergency packout company that addresses disasters like in-home flooding in Northern Virginia and Maryland. From water removal to packout and restoration, we can help. Contact us for your emergency disaster restoration services through our 24/7 help line for rapid response.

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