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Do I Have To Use The Company Recommended By My Insurance Company For Water Mitigation?

Imagine this scenario: it’s the worst thunderstorm of the year. You pull into your driveway from driving home from the office and walk in the front door to see water leaking through your ceiling. After walking upstairs, you see that you have some damage from the water. You need to find a company to help with the water mitigation process, but you also have to contact insurance ASAP. You think to yourself, “Do I have to use the company recommended by my insurance company for water mitigation?” Simply put, NO, you do not have to, and below we will explain why.

Clean Up or Repairs

First and foremost, when it comes to finding a Water Restoration Company, whether you search for one on your own, or your insurance carrier provides you with a suggested one, understand that the company hired needs to be able to clean up the damage or mess that has occurred. If you need them to complete repairs, they must be licensed to complete home improvements by the state they are working in. Your insurance company should be aware of these licensing requirements, but if you choose not to go with the company your insurance recommends, be sure to fully research the company you are considering for water mitigation for repair licensing too.

Finding a Restoration Company

Typically, an insurance company will provide you with a list of Water Restoration Companies that are located in your area. They will most likely refer you to Restoration Companies that they are familiar with or have worked with in the past. If they assign a specific Restoration Company to evaluate the areas of damage, that does not mean you have to choose them. You are not obligated to do this. You have the freedom to call and hire the Water Restoration Company of your choice to help with water mitigation and to perform the clean-up.

Time and Efficiency Are Valuable

When you have an issue and are in need of water mitigation, time and efficiency are of the essence to prevent more extensive damage to your home or business. When you use the company recommended by your insurance company, you are not aware of the insurer/contractor relationship. This could mean that the restoration company has not been chosen based on merit, but rather based on a relationship status they currently have with the insurer.

Another aspect that could negatively affect you using the insurer’s recommendation is that you may be part of an extensive list of other claims, which could affect the timeframe in which your home or business gets the attention it needs. When you do your own research and find your own restoration company for water mitigation, chances are you will get the help you need at a much faster rate.  As a homeowner or business owner, you have the right to choose the restoration company that best fits your needs and timeframe. You should always remember to review your insurance policy to make sure there are no clauses where your insurance company requires you to use the company they recommend for coverage to avoid potential headaches.

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